Friday, September 17, 2021
In the presence of the Minister of Energy and in the tenth week of the weekly scan of Iran / 40_ Khuzestan regional electricity projects with a credit of 3,110 billion rials were inaugurated / Minister of Energy: I sincerely thank the CEO of Khuzestan Regional Electricity and his colleagues.
40 power supply projects of Khuzestan Regional Electricity Company with an investment value of three thousand and 110 billion Rials were inaugurated in the tenth week of the "Every Week_A_B_ Iran" campaign, with the presence of the Minister of Energy at the Electricity Industry Monitoring Center via video conference. According to the public relations of Khuzestan Regional Electricity Company; In this regard, the Minister of Energy said in a video conference: "In the tenth week of the" Every Week A, B, Iran "campaign in 1999, we have prepared various projects in the construction sector for the opening and offering to the people today."
Reza Ardakanian added: "I sincerely thank Engineer Dasht-e Bozorg, CEO of Khuzestan Regional Electricity Company and his colleagues in this vast province, and we are grateful for the support of the top management of the province, the esteemed governor and his colleagues."
He specified: At this moment, we will start the opening of 40 super-distribution projects in Khuzestan with a credit of 311 billion Tomans, including about 186 km of lines, replacing more than 123 km of ordinary conductors with high capacity, and also creating 96 km of optical fiber.
The CEO of Khuzestan Regional Electricity Company in a report on the projects that were inaugurated today; He stated: 40 regional electricity projects in Khuzestan with a credit of three thousand and 110 billion rials in 12 cities of the province, including 13 projects to increase the capacity by 419 MV to high voltage substation network, five projects in the capacitive bank by 38.5 12 megawatt projects to increase the length of the network to a capacity of 186 km, 9 high-capacity conductor projects to a length of 123.5 km and an increase in fiber optics to 96 km were inaugurated today.
Mahmoud Dasht-e Bozorg continued: "The implementation of these projects is the result of self-confidence and the use of indigenous knowledge of the country's electricity industry, which increases network reliability, upgrades the performance of Khuzestan power protection systems by 20%, provides visibility of network facilities and national dispatching." It is 99%.
He added that last year the number of accidents in the Khuzestan regional electricity sector decreased by about 16 percent compared to 1997, adding: Other goals are to open these projects.
The CEO of Khuzestan Electricity Company, stating that we are trying to replace the worn-out equipment of the electricity industry, clarified: about 30% of the network and 26% of electricity substations in Khuzestan province are over 30 years old, which is due to the leading electricity industry in Khuzestan Implementation of infrastructure facilities at the level of the country's electricity industry.
Dasht-e Bozorg emphasized: the implementation of the scan "every week A, B, Iran" causes continuous positive signals in the community and the Khuzestan Regional Electricity Company will inaugurate 40 projects in the framework of this scan today.
He said: "In the past 16 days of summer, we are witnessing satisfaction in the community of electricity subscribers and beneficiaries of Khuzestan region, and a group of electricity industry managers are leading and managing the network with full will until the end of summer to respond to the load and the result of this satisfaction The top of Shahid Rajaee Festival and the declaration of satisfaction and satisfaction of the Supreme Leader has been one of the actions of the Ministry of Energy and Electricity Industry.
This inauguration and operation ceremony was held simultaneously in Khuzestan, North Khorasan and Mazandaran provinces through video conferencing.
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