Thursday, January 20, 2022
Deputy of Electricity Development Projects of Khuzestan Regional Electricity Company, announcing the launch of the operation process management system in this deputy; He said: launching this system, in addition to saving time and money, minimizes the possibility of errors in sending various requests.
40 power supply projects of Khuzestan Regional Electricity Company with an investment value of three thousand and 110 billion Rials were inaugurated in the tenth week of the "Every Week_A_B_ Iran" campaign, with the presence of the Minister of Energy at the Electricity Industry Monitoring Center via video conference. According to the public relations of Khuzestan Regional Electricity Company; In this regard, the Minister of Energy said in a video conference: "In the tenth week of the" Every Week A, B, Iran "campaign in 1999, we have prepared various projects in the construction sector for the opening and offering to the people today."
The CEO of Khuzestan Regional Electricity Company stated that the record of consumption in the history of Khuzestan Electricity Industry was broken; He said that if electricity consumption continues in the same way, blackouts will be inevitable
The days of Khuzestan Regional Electricity Company in the weekly A-B-Iran scan (tenth week) will be inaugurated tomorrow in the form of a video conference with the presence of the Minister of Energy.
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