About Us
Khuzestan Regional Electric Co (KZREC) was established as a part of Khuzestan Developenemt Service Co in 1958 (changed to Khuzestan Water and Power Authority in 1962).

In line with government policies upon transfer part of their responsibilities to other governmental units formed simultaneously with provincial electricity distribution companies throughout the country electric power Generation ,Transmission and distribution company in Khuzestan and Kohgilooye-Boyerahmad province in 2004 and officially continued its activities in order to achieve objectives that service companies better pictures and new applicants have been proud of the honorable people of these provinces.

KZREC is responsible for generation management and providing stable and reliable electricity power in the geographic region under its control and in order to do delegated duties and to fulfill guiding operational objectives in transmitting electricity bases and creating clarification in all relational areas and in framework of policies of Ministry of Energy is responsible for providing comprehensive economic and reliable electric services to its subscribers and with progressive focus on expectations and needs of customers creates a stable value for customer and with considering the regulations, rules and bylaws has used all organization facilities and potentials to provide and comply their needs and to get all beneficiaries satisfaction

KZREC Company is responsible for reliable electricity to its customers, with an area of 81000 square kilometers are included. According to recent areas covered by the company with a total population of more than 7 millions.
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